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1. Do I have to register to post a message at SCUBA FORUM?

No, you do not have to register, however, there are benefits if you do.  For more details, go to REGISTRATION.

2. Why is SCUBA FORUM not an automated, real-time message board?

The answer, which is too complicated and lengthy to delve into here, involves the many inherent failings of automated chat-driven message boards, and how those chat room negatives 1) diminish the significance of news-driven information that is strictly governed by journalistic standards and 2) undermine and devalue the quality of d reader commentary.

3. I don't see the forum topic I'm interested in. How can I start a new forum topic?

Go to the Post Comment form and write "New Topic" in the "Forum Topic" box. If the new forum topic refers to a news item, be sure to include the headline of the news story after "New Topic", for example, "New Topic: Divers find lost shipwreck".

4. How can I reference all or part of a specific comment?

Put the comment you wish to reference in quotes after "Re:" and include the name of the person who made the comment.

5. How can I search SCUBA FORUM s?

Every SCUBA FORUM page contains a "Search Forums" box configured to search only SCUBA FORUM s.  In addition, the "SEARCH" link on every page offers advanced search features for power users. Finally, the "SCUBA SEARCH" link at the top of every page enables users to search the entire CYBER DIVER network or a single site including SCUBA FORUM.

6. Can I promote commercial scuba diving products and services at SCUBA FORUM?

Yes, as a SCUBA FORUM sponsor you can promote commercial scuba diving products and services.  For more details, go to ADVERTISE.

7. As a SCUBA FORUM sponsor, can I post announcements about the scuba diving products and services my company offers?

No, all advertising and commercial solicitations are strictly forbidden within posted message board content. All sponsors and advertisers are allowed to promote their products and services on SCUBA FORUM pages via large banner display ads.

8. Can I start a new forum topic aimed at selling scuba diving equipment or other scuba-related products and services?

No, not at this time, however, the next version of SCUBA FORUM will contain many new message board features including an auction system to enable registered members to sell scuba diving equipment, dive trips and other scuba-related products and services.

9. Whom do I contact about false statements, abuse, libel and/or legal matters related to forum comments?

Go to CONTACT US to send your complaint to the administrator of SCUBA FORUM.


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